suspected quilt brand

Police check suspect luggage suspect was arrested plainclothes,
Beijing News News (Reporter Yang Feng, Zhang Zhi Wang Dapeng intern) today (March 24) at 2 pm, more than friends made microblogging located near Jinsong, said in front of the KFC restaurant Jinsong, three drug-related personnel transactions when arrested by plainclothes police and seized drugs. Beijing Chaoyang police confirmed the matter to the Beijing News reporter,, he said the case is under further investigation.
"KFC Jinsong was arrested on the spot in front of the drug traffickers, and seized methamphetamine N g,, a taxi driver." Weibo userTBG professional hair Super Luo Hao Bo said.
Microblogging with image display, a black man by two men wrestled to the ground reflexive, lap sat a black man wearing black sunglasses man,, who are scattered around the wallet,,Louboutin Escarpins, cell phone and other items. The arrest scene parked a license plate number for the "Beijing BN4557" taxi. Meanwhile, there are suspected plainclothes law enforcement handheld recorder to the shooting scene.
Today at 3 pm, said micro-Bo who accepted the Beijing News reporters. He said police were dressed in civilian clothes, about 6 to 7, when the transaction will be the drug traffickers arrested. "After just trading,Louboutin Bottines, buy drugs Fanshen man walked less than one meter,, the police surrounded them, the two policemen by a person,Louboutin Plates-forme, the three were wrestled." He said that the whole process is about two minutes.
As to why the arrest scene to stop a taxi,, Beijing silver taxi company to build a responsible person, told reporters that the arrest scene "Beijing BN4557" taxi car deck is not the company's vehicles. He explained that the company last year found that Beijing BN4557 vehicle traffic offense occurs more than once, suspected quilt brand, thus the plate on June 4,Louboutin Mary Jane, 2014 has been canceled,, changed to "Beijing BS8487".
At 3 pm,Louboutin à Bout Ouvert, the Beijing News reporter Beijing Chaoyang police confirmed this, saying the case is under further investigation.
(Original title: Beijing Jinsong a previous drug-related transactions were plainclothes police busted a snack)