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"Sheep Deer Love" leading role "Long Hair", "Junko"
Yunnan Network (Reporter Yang Hui) sensational "sheep deer love" hero "Long Hair", "Junko" getting married! February 6,, the reporter learned from the Yunnan Wild Animal Park, the park will be a "long-haired", "Junko" Valentine's Day which twists and turns, controversial,,Louboutin Baskets Femme, and ultimately win the respect and blessings of interracial couples wedding ceremony .
Tickets for the first time to commemorate the animal print
It is understood that, in order to commemorate the "Long Hair" and "Junko" married,Louboutin Sandales, Yunnan Wild Animal Park to commemorate specially printed 500 tickets, which is published for the first time to commemorate the Yunnan Wild Animal Park tickets. Memorial Tickets will present "Long Hair" and "Junko" love story and pictures, priced 66 yuan / Zhang, only than ordinary tickets 65 yuan / Zhang Gui 1 yuan. "Very monumental edition of tickets," White said the staff, "to commemorate the tickets they recorded this a love, a very small number of copies printed, is a give it to people who have been supporting them love commemorative gift . "In addition to the memento,,Louboutin Talon Compensé," sheep deer Love "wedding also published a 200 limited edition commemorative T-shirt, T-shirt from the" long-haired "and" Junko "comic composition, specifically for" sheep deer love "fan favorites , priced at 66 yuan / piece,, 99 yuan / 2.
The wedding will be "pierced the walls of secular"
It is understood that, in addition to the traditional wedding shower, dress and other conventional aspects,, but also to show their love through some embodiments hinder secular content. Currently, the "sheep deer Love" wedding process set up a wall of representatives of secular walls, "Long Hair" and "Junko" each at one end, "Long Hair" have pierced the walls in order to see the beloved "pure son." Then, "Long Hair" and "Junko" will come to an "I do" in front, eating carrots to tie the knot,Louboutin Pas cher, both complained, "I do."
Wedding invite your advice
As the "sheep deer love" since been exposed by the most attention, Yunnan Wild Animal Park hope the wedding was wonderful can do, so that "long-haired" and "Junko" Fengfengguangguang marriage. To this end, Yunnan Wild Animal Park invites the public and friends to help, as "sheep deer Love" wedding ideas,, wedding service companies are also welcome to join. Using creativity, Yunnan Wild Animal Park will be presented a memento creative people, and invited to the wedding. Advice was on February 10,, can be sent to the mailbox "& gt;, may also be involved by replying to the microblogging:
Yunnan Wild Animal Park: This wedding is long overdue to do
According to reports, the Yunnan Wild Animal Park have been promising wedding tradition, if they find the animals in love, will give their host a wedding,, the wedding size varies,Louboutin Homme, but the ceremony is always there. And that "long-haired" and "Junko" love story, because across race, Yunnan Wild Animal Park is caught in the tangle in separate or continue. Fortunately, under the "Long Hair" and "Junko" insistence, they love to get the vast majority of people support and respect, Yunnan Wild Animal Park This courage to give them a wedding. Staff White said he hoped the opportunity through Valentine's Day wedding, so that across racial couples to get more understanding and blessing.
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