and pour gasoline in the car

Off-road vehicles were burnt beyond recognition
Men kill a business partner forged on the scene crematorium
February 5, in Dingzhou given no roadside accident occurred, a sport utility vehicle knocked down a utility pole on fire, cars were burnt beyond recognition, but the police found the car in the back seat has two charred corpses. The police decided that this was a vicious criminal cases.
Yesterday, Dingzhou police, killing two people and fake accident scene to a suspect has been arrested Po, and Detention.
SUVs burned beyond recognition inside the vehicle discovered two corpses
February 5 Year 6, 9:30 Xu, Zhong interest Dingzhou village in the town villager Wang old man who went to a relatives house. Went trackless fixed income secondary town street,Louboutin Pas cher, they found a sport utility vehicle hit a roadside telegraph pole on fire, the flames jump several meters high, the car had been burned beyond recognition, but no one around. Wang old man then alarm.
10 am, Dingzhou police rushed to the scene to carry out investigation and found two charred corpses in the back seat, it was almost burned bone powder.
This is a traffic accident or arson? Together seemingly ordinary "accidents" suspicions clouds, strange and even students.
The charred corpse was actually an off-road vehicle owners
Police at the scene repeated investigation, found the bodies were burned and bones, and the extent of damage to the bodies burned much more serious than the sedan. According to the police the scene, that this is not a simple traffic accident together,, it could be a vicious criminal cases. Identify the key to solve the case as soon as the identity of the deceased.
Police quickly identified, the car is a white sport utility vehicle Tiguan, Department 57-year-old man Zhang Langfang all.
But Zhang on February 4 disappeared, along with the disappearance of 49-year-old and his friend Liu. There are indications that killed people is very likely that Zhang, Liu, but the body has been unable to identify.
When investigators, Zhang, Liu's family also mentioned some of the Po,,Louboutin à Bout Ouvert, a heated argument and said the two recently due to the economic dispute with Po too.
But this time, a Po has disappeared, the police found in his old house a lot of blood, some of the suspects has increased the Po.
He killed both because of economic disputes partner
Just when Investigating the case deadlocked,, a police provided investigators a detail,, make the case for investigation appears significant progress. When police survey the scene, there was a short stay a taxi driver to get off the field continue to wait and see,, after the taxi turn around and backtrack.
For professional sensitivity,, the police recorded the taxi license plate. Soon, the taxi driver is found.
According to the driver recalls the day a 50-year-old man,Louboutin Escarpins, from Dingzhou City taxi came to the scene, the man in the car had played a phone, he said after finishing going Langfang. Police took photos, taxi driver found a taxi man is Po.
6 17 am, the police in a hotel in Langfang, the Po a captured.
Pumou Cheng recognize that he and the deceased had business together, because the accounts unpleasant occurrence. 4 pm, he has to partner Liu, Zhang about to him a house in Dingzhou, and the two men unconscious.
Tiguan because Zhang drove a white car, Pu put some ordered two of the car and taken to a nearby village, hit a telephone pole, and pour gasoline in the car,Louboutin Baskets Femme,, lit the car fled the scene after the accident forgery.
Currently,,Louboutin Soirée, Pu a XingJu, was about to be Procuratorate arrested according to law. (Diesel-seok also contributed to this article) ■ for map / Correspondent large diesel
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