Members of a high school at the time of Lingbao

A tube jacket collar jacket cut break
□ chief correspondent correspondent Li Zhao Wei Zhaolin Ventura
January 4 at noon, Lingbao a high school student because of dissatisfaction with his girlfriend to find another boyfriend, armed with a knife rushed to the Zhumadian, anger cut rival.
Yesterday morning, reporters rushed to the fifth floor of Zhumadian City Hospital general surgery ward, saw the victims - Zhumadian Vocational and Technical College freshman a tube. He is the infusion, left index finger was bandaged nose and left cheek wrapped in thick gauze.
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High school,,Louboutin Plates-forme, college should set up adolescent mental health education classes
South Henan well-known psychologist - Huanghuai University psychology teacher said the outbreak of high school and college, a time when young students psychological impulses. At this stage, the students adolescent mental health education is very important. He called on high school and college should be set up adolescent mental health education classes, so as to effectively prevent and reduce crime and other social problems love to help adolescent students' healthy growth.
Fatal knife is left neck wound 17 cm long
"Now he can not speak." Pointed to some of the students managed to take the gray jacket on the bed,, "said the incident occurred, he is wearing that piece."
The reporter saw that the left side of a gray jacket collar jacket cut broken, duck down inside exposed. Rupture of the jacket collar, has been coagulated blood.
"Good insurance, almost to the life, from the carotid artery is only 0.5 centimeters, if we cut to go, cut the carotid artery, the patient no hope." Admissions,, according to a tube of Dr. Wang said,, the wounded to the emergency room After bandaging medical treatment immediately. After initial diagnosis, injured left nose cut into penetrating wound, left earlobe cut down droop down, the most deadly knife is left neck wound 17 cm long, deep subcutaneous tissue,Louboutin Soirée,, adjacent arteries, a conservative estimate of the injured at least cut three knives.
Subsequently, the reporter at the hospital saw a tube member of a girlfriend. Now 18-year-old is a member of Lingbao, and last year admitted to Zhumadian Vocational and Technical College English Department. After college, she and Electronic Engineering with College freshmen a tube (Puyang County) development of a relationship.
Members of a high school at the time of Lingbao, Zhao relationship with high school students are "iron." Last year, some members admitted to the university, Zhao did not go to college to continue to repeat, two regular telephone contact.
According to members of a presentation, after graduating from high school, she had to break Zhao, but Zhao did not agree, she often telephone harassment. December 22 last year, Zhao sent her message said that if no communication, to kill members of a then committed suicide.
Requires "avoidance" was rejected, suddenly pulled out a knife from her
January 4 at noon, Zhao suddenly appeared in the members of a classroom. At the time, members of a positive and a tube together, the two came to the classroom to see Zhao, Zhao said something to discuss, the three came to the school gate. Previously, Zhao has been asked to be a member of the university and make new friends, very angry. Came to the school gate, Zhao requested a tube "avoidance",Louboutin Mary Jane,, was rejected. Zhao angry he pushed a member, a tube approached stopped, Zhao angry, suddenly pulled out a machete from her,Louboutin Mariage,, to cut in front of a tube, a forward who did not stop living. After the attack, Zhao lied to buy a tube of tissues to wipe the blood to escape.
After the incident,Louboutin Escarpins,, police high-tech zones in Zhumadian City Public Security Bureau police station east to immediately set up to intercept the road, but Zhao was away. Currently, the police are going all out searching for Zhao.