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Shunzhuang primary teaching point Mazhuangshan
Substitute a chance, deep in the mountains in the palm of her school a "generation" is 23 years. Because of her commitment to it, the village does not have a child out of school. Thatched classrooms can not shelter, she and her husband up the hill quarry, a truck with a back shelf car; bought out all substitute wage cement, wood, took three months, he just built a three stone classroom. But her family still lived in decades ago covered adobe houses.
But when a reporter asked her wish,http://www.philippine-scouts.org, she just wants to basketball and other sports equipment, let the kids play basketball. She is Zhumadian Biyang Magu Tian town Shunzhuang primary Mazhuangshan female teachers Xu Yunling substitute teaching point. □ this reporter Wang Yaocheng / Wen Liu Dongjie / map
[6] dedicated teachers left stick she held out for 23 years
August 10, accompanied by morning fog, at the foot of the mountain mother Biyang stone town village mazhuang Sun Zhuang Xingzheng village street, three stone house, heard the sound of loud reading. This is the Sun Village Primary Mazhuang teaching points.
Stone wall with red paint to write "Education is the foundation" very conspicuous. In the classroom, with a female teacher in the 19 mountains baby is reading a book. Children's furniture rugged, there are stone base, there are wooden. Children or lying or standing, reading aloud book.
Just then, a child began to cry, quickly rushed female teachers outside the classroom shouting: "Monkey,Louboutin Bottines, hastened to hold out this Xiaowa fool." A thin, middle-aged black man very obedient to the baby out. "Sorry ah, we children in the mountains with a little brother or sister is come to class sometimes, do not pay attention, to bring the child began to cry." Female teacher said, "Monkey" is her husband. "Here below the third grade students are taught in this teaching point by her out." The villagers said, and its surrounding villages mazhuang small mazhuang, the Village after village, hen Bay seven villages, located in the mountains, streams staggered, inaccessible, far away from the Sun Village Elementary School 7 km, also near 4 km. 8 villages, a total of more than 30 families over 200 people. Previously, many children because the school is too far away and could not go to school.
In 1983, in order to allow remote mountainous areas children can nearest school,Louboutin Homme, town established eight teaching points in the territory. To ensure the quality of teaching, the town also appoint public teachers to teach the teaching point. Shunzhuang Primary mazhuang teaching point, is one of them. The following three years, there have been six teachers teach this. But here's the hard, lonely, so that each teacher would not last a semester to transfer out.
After the 1986 Spring Festival, the school,http://mt.fresheye.com/ft_form.cgi, and can point the door was locked mazhuang teaching. Seeing more than 10 mountains baby to school, parents are anxious, when two years of literacy teachers, teaching is very fond of the initiative to the village branch of Xu Yunling "volunteered": "As long as I trust folks, I want to teach their child to school. "In this way, Xu Yunling identity with substitute teachers took the podium. "I was just thinking about class-generation period, did not expect this 'Generation' is 23 years." Xu Yunling said.
[Back] spent seven years building stone, built up stone wage classroom
Three stone tile mazhuang teaching point, there are two fan wooden windows, no glass. In the classroom, on both sides of the gable has two blackboards, from kindergarten through third grade year a total of 19 students, three students facing west, freshmen and sophomores facing east. Xu Yunling give third grade class, about enough for one section stopped assignments,Louboutin Sandales, and then teach second grade, then taught first grade, and finally teach preschool.
Within a stone classroom, the light a little dark, the ground is not level. Xu Yunling said, but it has been ten years much stronger than the first.
Initially,http://my.5754.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, the classroom is the teaching point Mazhuang two idle adobe thatched cottage. Because of disrepair, neither Nengzhe wind and can not rain. "In 1993, seeing the thatched cottage to fall, I did not dare let the kids go to school, and put them into his collar class room adobe home. Then, my husband and I discuss SUN Rong together, come up with all the family savings, buy cement, timber lid classroom. can not afford brick, rock back on to the mountains, base stone walls. "Xu Yunling said that from 1986, when the substitute teacher, her 32 yuan monthly salary, to full wages until 1993, more than 2000 yuan .
Plus selling peanuts, lobbied for 3,000 yuan, she wanted the children to build a new classroom. "It was 3000 yuan is not covered three classrooms,Louboutin Escarpins, I use the money to buy cement, timber, etc., and then taken up the mountain with her husband a stone, and then rock the car back to the rack, a car a car pull back, built by piling stone wall this way, slaving away dry three months, three stone house finally cover up, school children do not have to worry about wind and rain. "
When Xu Yunling said these words, a look of excitement. And behind her own house, still adobe houses in 1982 when she was married here. She said, and now she can not afford to build a new house for the home.
23 years, Xu Yunling mind, students are her children; in the eyes of her students, Xu is their mother.
Summer and autumn, the mountains prone to flooding, she later sent back then, one by one,http://bbs.misbj.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=44949, the students back across the river. When heavy rain, she would students eat at home, stay. If a student can not be sick or to help parents work to teaching point school, she at night or on weekends, over the mountains to the student home makeup.
[Division] boundless love listening to a "good teacher" to give up the dream drift north
2000 winter, Xu Yunling husband SUN Rong co suffering lymphatic cancer, incapacitated, sick in bed. Xu Yunling serve both husband and also school,http://onigdesign.com/error.html, often late at night. In order not to delay the students change jobs, she took this job on the pillow, wake up at night dressed up continues to change. She slept through the whole winter a wholeness.
In order to make her husband's illness soon get better, without delay student's class, she went to get up before dawn more than 10 kilometers outside of town to fill a prescription for her husband. Family 10 acres of responsibility farmland is basically a person Xu Yunling farming. During her husband was ill in bed, she learned to plow, harrow,http://www.rockclimbing.com/cgi-bin/routes/page.cgi, sowing, playing games and so on.
The most difficult time, Xu Yunling did not reach out to anyone, any department for a penny. She had her monthly salary is only 32 yuan, rose to 47 yuan in 1994 to 2004 to 100 yuan. Because there are two months of vacation a year, she could only receive 10 months' salary,Louboutin Soirée, while the cost of office supplies teaching point, it basically expenses from her wages.
A friend working in Beijing, Xu Yunling introduced to a Beijing kindergarten, a monthly salary of 1,000 yuan, which is equivalent to a year of her teaching point Mazhuangshan income. "I was really heart was." Xu Yunling said that she was ready to go the next morning, 12 students come to school on time wanderers. "Stone classroom door, I see the children waiting in front of the classroom. They also seem to feel anything, sheepishly looked at me, and whispered at me saying 'good teacher' which sounded 'good teacher 'I cried my heart broken. I dropped the luggage, open the classroom door and took them into account, as of old picked up a pointer. "
Suddenly, between the silence of the mountains, the kids loud reading sounded again. "Home is always difficult in the past. I do not, the children have no school and I could Buxia them as long as I am in the day, do not let on they do not learn." Xu Yunling said with tears.
23 years ago, as the only teacher teaching point Mazhuang, Xu Yunling off the crop of another crop of students. Some of her students to junior high school, high school, and some admitted to the university, and some also read Dr. 23 years, because Xu Yunling stick, local school-age children do not have a school.
[Wish] want to have a beautiful basketball for students to practice shooting
Although more than 20 years, the quality of teaching in the teaching point Mazhuang town eight teaching point has been among the best, but Xu Yunling still a monthly salary of only 200 yuan a substitute teacher. Her family still lived in several adobe room, the home of a 29-inch color TV and a computer is Beijing earlier this year to send a caring person, in addition to the home of the most valuable thing is her dowry year - a shelf car .
Just a minute after midnight, Xu Yunling teach 19 students broadcasting gymnastics do first, and then with students skipping. There are a few boys hand holding a basketball, passed around each other. Xu Yunling look in the eyes of pain in my heart. She said, playing a boy's nature, the city's children will be shot, children in the mountains are not even a basketball hoop, only to get passed around to play basketball with each other. "Who says you can not be out of the mountains, sports star Yao Ming?" She had a lot of desire, for example: for the children build a library, the children get computer room, the kids get some new furniture, but she greatest wish was able to add some sports equipment, such as basketball, etc. for the children, so children in the mountains can play basketball throw shooting.
■ Dreams proceeds
Laptop give DU teachers
"By his wife's legs, 17 years 'rushing' to teach." After leaving the town of Nanyang City Nanzhao large village Duguang Yun teacher deeds 22 newspapers, he touched many people.
"I am also a teacher, but really can not think in the mountains there is such a difficult teaching environment." 33-year-old Ms. Hou is a middle school in Zhengzhou high school English teacher. She said that the first day I saw reports of any teacher, moved straight to tears,http://www.msknet.com/bbs/mbbs.cgi, not enough time to call the next day to see people already willing to help any teacher's desire,http://www.dojinongaku.com, is anxious to do, suddenly I saw reports of DU teachers , think of the family has a few computers, and immediately decided to donate a Sony PC to the DU teachers. Sony Computer 5 years she spent 16,000 yuan to buy, although looks bulky, but the features are very good.
Luoyang Liu also called and said:?. "Can you give any teacher ah 130 yuan a wage rise may not be enough some people's meal meal, he coached for 30 years any teacher has to be used to feed a family we have to think of a way, at least to protect any teacher's life ah ...... "reporter Wu Jing