The evening of February 23 this year

(Reporter Tian north) three sixty elderly because of emotional entanglements staged a scene of the tragedy of life --- Fangshan District,boutique jordan, 64-year-old Pei old man drilling window into the rival's home, killed his wife and fled after. After 48 hours, Fangshan police since the first homicide case this year. Yesterday,louboutin prezzo, Fangshan police disclosed the circumstances surrounding the case.
Murder old man hiding in corn field
The evening of February 23 this year, 61-year-old Wang old man Fangshan Zhoukoudian town work back home, opened the door and found that after "wife" Laotai was killed. Wang old man then alarm.
Wang said the old man, his work in the morning when the door locked,, Fangshan Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Unit investigators preliminary investigation, the murderer is to drill a window into the interior will Laotai killed.
The police understood that the old man had Laotai wife was not king. Laotai husband is a local resident,, 64-year-old Pei old man. After the incident, Pei old man unaccounted for, through the scene, the police locked Pei old man suspected of a major crime.
Police judge Pei old man may not escape far, the rapid deployment of the stone floor around the town of Zhoukoudian, Hancun other places police carried out raids carpet and printed a large number of Xiechatongbao night,, mobilize the masses to carry out raids.
February 25, in the town yuegezhuang Hancun a cornfield near relatives, Pei old man appeared to be a squat police control. For two days,, he has been hiding in cornfields heap of straw, tired and hungry, Shuimi into.
His wife and kill people from living together
In front of the police, handcuffed Pei old man is still a look of anger. He said he and Laotai married for many years, and they have two children and a woman,, are married. But over the years, his wife has been having an affair with the king of the old man, he do this became the laughing stock of the whole village.
Pei old man said, in 2005, his wife Wang old man died. In 2007, Laotai divorce him. July 12 that year, Laotai old man was admitted to the king's house. Last year,, Laotai stroke bedridden,, he found her, and she took home. In January, they remarry. But not long after, the king of the old man again Laotai abducted cohabitation.
"When a man married husband dead, I am alive and they got one,tiffany outlet, surnamed Wang destroy my family." Pei said the old man, he and his wife divorced old friends still memorable after sick wife is always around to take care of her, I did not expect all remarried, and his wife went back to Valentine's side, all this made him angry unbearable,basket nike air max 90, so the window to drill home the king of the old man and his wife to say on that point, the results of rage killed his wife.
Wang says the old man, he treats Laotai feelings and his wife died as affectionate wife, the two together living together for many years, he had regarded as Laotai is his wife. Pei old man to remarry after Laotai, Laotai Pei does not like the old man,, so they come back to him.
Currently, Pei old man on suspicion of intentional homicide Fangshan police criminal detention. In addition,jordan femme pas cher, Fangshan police said successive years, Fangshan cracked every murder rate of 100%.