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Luo police recently cracked a taxi robbery case. Ironically, the suspect Yang Moumou confessed that he had been robbed because of his 28 days after getting married, see their parents debts, he did not want to be married to the parents money, they come up with this to earn quick money Hunzhao.
Man lied bad tires neck reined driver
November 13 11 am, Luoping County Public Security Bureau police station received Itabashi man police said Chen, his wife Ms. Chung at Luoping run taxi in the morning, a man carrying a cell from the county to Chung Town Board, in the road was robbed.
Alarm, the police station split up, all the way to the police immediately went to the incident site, the other way quickly contact with the victim, to collect information on cases. The understanding, Ms. Chung driving a Jetta taxi passenger, on at 10:30 on the 13th district in the county Chung carrying a 20-year-old man, the man said to the Banqiao village character. After talking a good fare, carrying men to the Itabashi Zhongmou then fled in the direction.
The way, the man said saw bad tires, when Ms. Chung stop checks, the man suddenly pulled away the car keys and hand reined neck Ms. Chung,nike tn pas cher, Ms. Chung took away the body of the property. During Ms. Chung had inadvertently break while the robbers fled, but was the man to recover control. Zhongmou drove off after the man asked, Zhongmou took the opportunity to escape, and was working to help the ground to escape. Some men see the ground, then a taxi driver Zhongmou carry looted cash, cell phone escape.
Police understand that, equipped with GPS positioning system on the taxi, Ms. Chung's husband by location, find the location of the vehicle appeared,orecchini tiffany, the police quickly moved to rounding. 11:40, the police arrested the suspect,, recover stolen taxi, mobile phones, cash and other property totaling more than 30 million.
Under questioning, the suspect Yang Moumou (male, aged 19,nike air max pas cher, Luoping County Banqiao Village moral person) taxi robbery confessed to the crime. Yang Moumou account of his 28 days after getting married, see their parents debts, he did not want the money to parents to get married, they think of robbing taxi to earn quick money. At present, Yang Moumou XingJu.
"Kill me not worth the money I gave you."
The day before yesterday, the reporter by telephone to the taxi driver was robbed Ms. Chung. She said she was 40 years old,, first encountered this kind of thing, feel very lucky to be able to escape.
"On that day her husband went to dinner, I'll take advantage of the free car passenger,, want more money, did not expect to encounter robbery." Ms. Chung recalls the way the two people have been bragging, the young man said his 20-year-old, also I will drive. The first guy to tell her the bad tire, she did not hear clearly. And travel a few hundred meters,tiffany outlet, came to a relatively remote place, the young man said second tire is broken,, she will believe,nike air force,, ready to stop viewing. Young man sitting in the passenger seat suddenly stuck his hand around her neck. "I was breathing very difficult, but also very afraid. In order to survive, what I can not up."
"He said that he who has a knife, asked me to have to pay out all their belongings. I told him,, you are still young, and my son the same age, kill me not worth the money I gave you. If not I find family brought,, not alarm. "Ms. Chung said that, when she took money from the storage box, she usually used a fruit knife to be seen each other for convenient pick up to then threaten her. Perhaps played a role in persuading Ms. Chung, the other slowly guard. Ms. Chung to see a few hundred meters outside the two farmers, she opened the door and identify the timing escaped, but only ran out of tens of meters being chased back. Later,, she and the other to juggle, the second managed to escape, the first time by the phone call her husband.
Ms. Chung said: "I'm still driving a taxi, before dare go out at night to run, is now only willing to run during the day and can not, else I would not, and now I hear the guests drove a phone call or something, then. very nervous, even covered with cold sweat, fear of robbery meet again. "(City Times Reporter correspondent Yang Delin Kong Dehuai)
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