and ultimately both jailed. January 26

Legal Reuters reporter Chao Yuan Pengguo new correspondent,
For the sake of profits, who lives in Jining City,scarpe nike air force, Shandong Province, Chen Dong, the couple came from Zhejiang fake contraceptives, not only in their own health care products store sales,nike free run, also removed the two pharmacies sell County of Jiangsu Province, and ultimately both jailed. January 26, County, Jiangsu Province People's Court announced this from the sale of fake drugs.
Day in 2011,, Chen and his wife Zhang Li went to Hangzhou to participate in health care ordering,, accidentally picked up a business card that read "cheap sales of contraceptives" and contact telephone number, also accompanied by a photograph of drugs,, Chen let Write down the number after Zhang Li,scarpe louboutin outlet, the cards carelessly throw away.
And other home, Chen and the other contact on the other side to tell him no invoice. Chen Dong heard they know drugs are counterfeit, the other repeatedly to ensure drug is absolutely safe,scarpe nike air force, does not cause adverse reactions after, Chen decided to enter medicine. After negotiate a good price,scarpe nike, he entered the "red Yu-ting," "blue Yuting" and "Secretary Damian" a total of 150 boxes, each box of the purchase price at between $ 1-2.
After receiving the goods, Chen and Zhang Li looked no different packaging and true drug, also relieved to sell up, and the price per box between 6-10 dollars.
However, due to relatively narrow contraceptives market, although high profits, the money may be slower. Chen Dong and Zhang Li a whole, determine the drug at a relatively low price sold to other pharmacies. Thus, Chen will drive the street, one by one whether the drugstore inquiry into drug demand, quickly contacted the County's two pharmacies,, and drug prices 2-3 yuan per box sold to the other party. According to Chen Dong couples account, between 2011 and 2013, they together 350 boxes a fake pill.
Court held that, Chen Yang Li in violation of state regulations,, product quality, sales of counterfeit drugs,, which constituted a crime of selling fake drugs, should be sentenced to three years and fined. Yang Li after appearing in court truthfully confessed his crimes, according to the law can be punished more leniently; Chen Dong, a good attitude, can be appropriate sentences.
Ultimately, the Court of First Instance sentenced to a year in prison Chen Dong, fined six thousand yuan; sentenced to ten months imprisonment and Zhang Li,, suspended for one year and fined four thousand yuan. (Text characters are not his real name)
(Original title: health food stores sell 350 boxes couple jailed for fake pill)