resulting in actual losses 135

If exposure is suspected of a crime, less than 30-year-old Gao Wei at this time should remain engaged in the envy of many a bank, rather than standing on the dock of the Tribunal.
Recently, Anhui extraordinarily serious financial fraud in the Suzhou Intermediate People's Court held a public hearing. The fraud involved up to 13 people,nike blazer femme, involving up to 280 million yuan,scarpe hogan outlet, of which the original Sixian, Anhui Agricultural Cooperative Bank, especially high branch president Gao Wei and some other sub-branch employees suspected of using his position to forge financial instrument.
This arises from a man named Qiu Fang's laid-off workers, she was without any source of funds, with a partner,, with the first flight of Loaning another way to deceive the registration department in charge of the establishment of "days of Anhui Agricultural biotechnology limited liability company." But in the company planning process, she suffered partner financing fraud, owed more than 30 million yuan, in order to pay off debt,, she Youyi weekly 6.2 ‰ (annualized interest rate of about 32%) of high interest rates to borrow under the usury, eventually snowball snowball, eventually this debt has become a bottomless black hole.
In order to plug the hole was even more wealth for the Mou, Qiu aromatic begin to take risks. She Sixian IICA Branch line height, especially high interest Lanchu in the name of the Anhui Branch of the Investment Guarantee Co. pulled Sixian IICA row height, especially Branch deposits. While serving high, especially high branch president according to Qiu Wei Fang behest,ciondolo tiffany, for Jinke security company to open an account, sneaking chapter cover the company chop on a blank business attorney, and will cover the blank power of attorney to the bank counter staff. Since then, under Gao Wei's behest, the other two workers, especially high branch will cover the blank proxy credential chapter completed, and 3 million yuan, "Smooth" Go Qiu Fang's account. In this way,tiffany outlet, Anhui Jinke Investment Guarantee Co. deposit principal maneuvers to be elsewhere, Qiu aryl paid only to the interest of the company 720,000 yuan.
"Economic Information Daily" correspondent was informed by the indictment of the case, the use of stolen blank cover power of attorney, as well as business Sike seal forged power of attorney, certificates of deposit in order to exchange small deposit, report the loss or obtain passwords fake fake certificates of deposit, online banking transfers, etc. since March 9, 2010 to November 29, 2011, with high interest Lanchu as bait, Qiu Wei, aromatic and high IICA row height, especially inside and outside Branch staff collusion, a total of defrauding 19 companies and 15 individuals in Si County Farmers Merger, Sixian 22 deposits from the Bank of China,, a total of 283.865 million yuan (27 million yuan of which attempted), resulting in actual losses 135,855,000 yuan.
In order to prevent its own financial fraud brought to light, Gao Wei Chiu and other bank employees to provide cover have savings aromatic chapter blank statements, Qiu Wei aryl home template provided in accordance with high print false bank statements regularly sent to related companies, resulting in some The company has not been found to be illegally transferred out of the deposit. Until 2012, Qiu Fang, Gao Wei, who arrested the Sixian Public Security Bureau, only 29-year-old branch president has been completely ruined future.
"Economic Information Daily" reporter contacted on the matter Sixian IICA row responsible person. The official said,nike shox, because the case has not yet ruling, inconvenience leave relevant comments.
In fact, the primary bank employees were involved in financial crime is not the case. In recent years, the bank staff used his position to facilitate criminal cases around the country frequently exposed, causing public concern for financial institutions internal management issues.
Recently, the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank branch in Zhengzhou Branch twenty-first century and, together with former vice president of the real estate business Mayi Jiang Lu Lin poise illegal deposits from the public case of first instance in Zhengzhou City Court. Mayi Jiang suspected cases of lead during any Branch Vice President, together with others,, illegal sequestration cumulative total reached 6.395 billion yuan. In addition, in December 2012,, ICBC Zhejiang Jinhua Mall Branch also involved along with "financial products" disputes. In this case, the branch button Hua former employees on behalf of Lanchu bank financing, but the money of depositors but by their classmates button Hua arrange private deposit accounts, certificates of deposit as security for loans used privately.
Central University of Finance and Banking Research Center,, Guo Tian Yong accept the "Economic Information Daily" reporters, he said that such cases of frequent outbreaks of bank internal control system is defective. From 2002 to the present banking reform, institution building within the bank made changes reborn. However, because not experienced a complete economic cycle test, whether in management, internal control and public governance,, it is problematic.
Beijing law firm asked the days of a partner, director Zhang Yuanzhong said, and now interest margin is still the main source of bank income, due to local banks Xichu heavy task, when able to fulfill the task, in order to consider his hat,, some people I take the risk. Zhang Yuanzhong also stressed that China now the punishment for financial crimes is still not enough to more severe punishment, in order to reduce financial fraud and similar offenses.