" "training fee" and cash in their accounts

Female liar paying jobs to male public relations setup, defraud money
Shang Dangzhe Over Students
Nanfang Daily News & nbsp; (Reporter / Guo Wenjun). "The hotel is paying jobs M PR, 8000-12000 yuan monthly salary, plus commission business" Recently, Wan Branch informed a case of telecommunications fraud cases, suspects promise high salaries,http://www.lamesaint.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=581363, interview qualified as bait, not only to meet the telephone remote control, let the victim will "clothing costs," "training fee" and cash in their accounts, the victims there are more than college students.
"Secret interview" do not meet it lured money
Since February this year, ten thousand Bureau received a series of more than 20 report said the victim was a woman of thousands Jiangmou hotel staff recruitment grounds of fraud money. Alarm, the Public Security Bureau set up a task force investigating the case. After careful analysis,http://www.ylc75.cc/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=23203&fromuid=1672, the panel found that several police intelligence modus operandi is very similar,http://www.cnd2.com/d2home/space.php?uid=320143&do=blog&id=3538409, victims are on the street after seeing a small ad about the square Jiangmou hotel jobs, job seeking eager to initiate contact with the suspect, the suspects per capita A woman.
The woman claiming to be ten thousand Jiangmou hotel manager, requires the victim to a small ad in the phone in a hotel lobby called for an interview. Victims came to the hotel lobby waiting for about 10 minutes, the woman received a call, saying the use of a secret interview approach has been observed in the dark of their behavior,nike air max pas cher, pass an interview.
The rhetoric made by the trust after the victim, the woman asked the victim to pay hotel clothing costs, training costs, also promised to give her if "red", can help victims get higher salary jobs. Victims believed, in the absence of verification to the hotel and did not see the woman's case, it will be cash to a bank account specified by the woman.
Do not lie claiming compassionate woman
Fraud task force to carry out the series, and case investigation,scarpe christian louboutin, and taking a multipronged approach, one by one victim asked detailed process to verify the incident, while involved in the case of bank accounts and other aspects of the query. The suspect has been revealed, June 5, the panel malls near Long Zhenmou suspect (female,http://www.superdupersms.com/vanilla/discussion/170819/should-all-vote-sun-xiulan-said-full-hospital-500-votes, 33 years old, Guizhou Zunyi people, unemployed) arrest.
Under questioning, the suspect confessed since February, hotel jobs by pasting in the streets of small ads, posing Wanjiang, Shilong, Shijie other Towns three hotel manager of foreign recruitment,http://hswnssq.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=54462,louboutin femme, then wait telephone contact victim, after obtaining the trust of victims to pay clothing costs, training costs,http://faq.adsika.com/viewtopic.php?pid=323004#p323004, red envelopes of money as an excuse fraud victims. In every crime, the suspects per capita does not meet with the victim, but by the end remote phone, step by step, to deceive the victim into the trap design,http://www.ipraytv.com/view_channel.php?user=htr2pizq8a&comments=all\", each defraud money from 3000-6000 yuan range, total crime 40 times, Most victims were defrauded a 12,000 yuan.
Qualifications of these victims are not low, we have a high school education, where there are more than college students. Why are they so easily fall into the scam? Police investigators, because they are just graduated from a very young age,, saw easy to make quick money paying jobs,scarpe hogan outlet, they lose their vigilance. In addition, the suspect only recruit men and other male public relations positions in advertising, the selected target audience is mainly male. According to her, for the appeal,nike air max soldes, and they are compassionate woman so I do not cheat. At present, the suspect had been under criminal detention Liu Mourong.