" some "fans" also came to the house to see her.

"Curved" immersed in a network of Wang Qin world stage
Forum on young people gather, she was able to attract a group of fans; in the post popular urban fashion,http://www.ibizstore.com/item/create_form/1, her autobiography was very high top; although nearly sixty years, she was in the beautiful clouds draft activity "stand out."
Face, apply a makeup,nike femme, a scarf around his neck, keep a long ponytail, a few small stars on the shiny hairpin - this is the reporter saw the Internet and media celebrities,tiffany orecchini, is known as "inspirational mother" The "crooked."
Childhood cry love to laugh
"Friends ask me, I will say that I more than 60 years old." In fact, she was 58 years old. The Han Net Forum, she goes hazy artistic license, do people guess age.
Born in a family of Wang Qin opera, performed on stage since childhood, he learned a good voice. At school, she is doing my literary backbone. "I like living in the spotlight of concern feel good."
Good voice but did not bring her good luck. After graduating from middle school in the countryside, he experienced two failed marriages. Because of overseas relations, over 20 years old, she had spent two years WISCO Chengchao Iron porter. "I am only 90 kilos,http://ufohome.xclub.tw/viewthread.php?tid=397967&extra=, cement bag of hundred kilos, I have time to overwhelm the earth." Because crying, Wang Qin also less affected by the crime better, many male colleagues to see her poor, work in menial jobs on her behalf.
She was crying, but also love to laugh, from childhood to old has been the case. Recalled the suffering in the countryside, she cried out loud several times. Let's talk about her daughter died in childbirth, she burst into tears. But when it comes to her novels, she enraptured up.
Autobiographical novel fire online
2000, Wang Qin failed feelings third paragraph. Think of the twists and turns of life, she suddenly wanted to talk, but found can not find people to talk to. "Or I pick up the pen, his own experience to write down?"
The first chapter of the novel itself as the prototype, so written. She tried to contribute to a magazine, not long before, really delivered, "500 yuan royalties,http://jxjhbl.cn/news/html/?210494.html, worth a month's pension is the fast."
This makes her confidence increased sharply. When writing the novel "Kiss Yellow Earth", think of their suffering, she would cry from time to time. In order to neutralize this sentiment, she began writing a relaxing novel "Red",http://www.cacenglish.com/index.php?item/create_form/1, two novels were cross.
2008, Wang Qin decided to move their works online,http://80.62abc.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=693235, Nao Lege joke at first: she spent 4,000 yuan to buy a computer, installed broadband, you're done, go to the next building a Web site where the phone: "You website What floor? I came up! "
There is accumulation of life,scarpe louboutin, there are emotions, there are crisp text, her two novels soon attracted the attention of netizens, popularity soared. "Because of this I often watch a movie, opera, but also know how to speak the story twists and turns, interesting."
Beauty contest limelight
In 2004, the daughter died in childbirth, Wang Qin at home several days off, eventually came out from the pain. Watching her daughter's portrait, her dry community group, he said: "In the future community activities,nike tn pas cher, her daughter missing, I make up!"
Her love of writing, the use of good singing, singing expertise, creating a theater piece "Advise Mo gambling." Program in the community show a great success, also in Huangshi City television broadcast. Subsequently, Wang Qin after another and old sisters community created the "garden" and other theater pieces, the show attracted many companies to find her, invited her to "moonlighting."
Late last year, the company held a beauty contest in Wuhan, Wang Qin heart. Site to look, coming and going are young and beautiful girl,http://gongsi.folieyun.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=31295&fromuid=5004, she was pretty scary. "When I put the" My Hometown "sing, hear applause, I was relieved."
I am in my hand my heart
From more than 1,000 people come to the fore, to enter the top 30. The photos on the Internet Wang Qin, Han Net Forum also a sensation, a lot of friends encouraged her, calling her "inspirational mother," some "fans" also came to the house to see her.
There are also some users questioned her speculation,http://wefung.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=4451706&fromuid=6878, "although the writing is good, but it is not very good, definitely hype!" For such comments, Wang Qin not care,nike air max 97, "like it or not like it or I'm just in my hand my heart. "
Online more supporters. A lawyer on the network with other users argue, support Wang Qin, the day before yesterday also dedicated to Wang Qin home to visit her.
Reporters interview the day before yesterday,, met Wang Qin "fans" to visit. Two 40-year-old sister, told reporters that "crooked really good!" In the unheated house, Wang Qin have to wear thin costumes for their two performances. "She who really is!" (Reporter Liuli Peng)