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Lin chrysanthemum order to find a better target for a divorce, the husband said his wife as delusional depression, a seemingly ordinary divorce dispute eventually evolve into Butcher murder.
July 8, the reporter learned from the Sichuan Province Anyue County Court, the Court of intentional murder and sentenced to three years imprisonment forest chrysanthemum. After the verdict, I'm Daisy's husband submitted to the court a letter of understanding his wife's pardon impulsive behavior, willing to wait to start a new life after their release from prison.
I'm Daisy and bell new married ten years, although it can not wealthy family, but also by a few acres of land enough for basic living. Previously, the outsider, the biggest contradiction is that the couple had no sons. Birth daughter fight, the two often quarreled,nike free run 2,, was referred to several times the point of divorce have been advised under family. Daughter 10 years old, I'm Daisy gave birth to a son,, the couple of contradictions at ease a lot of the neighbors thought the family were now living peacefully.
But after two years, Lin chrysanthemum third pregnancy, but end in abortion, the couple quarrel therefore went back to the previous state. Lin chrysanthemum repeatedly asked for a divorce, but Zhong Xinjian never agree. Since then, Lin chrysanthemum had poisoned her husband's idea.
November 14, 2009, while her husband Lin chrysanthemum Shengfan of the machine, the pre-prepared "tetramine" powder bowl pour in the new bell, bell new just take this bowl of rice to feed the dog, the results of the piece barking a few times and he died.
Bell did not pursue the new dog's death, Lin chrysanthemum is also thought to stop there. 17 noon on the 19th in the evening and, Lin chrysanthemum and twice the "tetramine" into her husband's bowl, has been aware of the dinner bell new wordlessly poured into the pit. Catholic husband did not let Lin chrysanthemum reflect poisoning after three failed her more carefully planned 4th poisoning.
November 21 morning, Lin chrysanthemum while the streets to buy daily necessities of the machine, buy "tetramine" again. Noon to hold rice when her husband,scarpe uomo hogan, Lin Sheng first chrysanthemum bowl, then add "tetramine", and then the rice will cover it. After carefully disguised,, she called her husband home for dinner is working the ground. This time,hogan rebel, the new bell did not find flaws, do not hesitate to poison mixed rice swept away and continue work in the fields. How often did the bell on account of new onset of toxicity foaming at the mouth, rolling on the ground in pain. After the side of her discovery, she must notify the family, due to the rescue in a timely manner, the new bell saved their lives.
A report by the village chief,, Lin chrysanthemum was arrested police. I'm Daisy had admitted poisoning her husband four times, and that someone will divorce after she introduced her better target, but still do not agree to divorce her husband, she poisoned her husband came up with ways to achieve their goals.
Investigation, police learned that there may be a problem chrysanthemum forest spirit, including the Bell family,air jordan 6 femme, including new confirmed,, Chrysanthemum forest after a second child depression, especially after the third child abortion sometimes mental abnormalities. After identified, Lin chrysanthemum with mild schizophrenia, are limited criminal responsibility.
On court, bell new full attend the trial of his wife,, and some stiff he just quietly watching the defendant's wife sitting, but this time I'm Daisy crying,, afraid to look back at her husband. When the judge pronounced guilty of manslaughter forest chrysanthemum sentenced to three years, the new clock seemed relieved, he said parents and children to forgive his wife, he was not going to divorce,nike pas cher, hoping his wife early release from prison, family reunion.
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